About Us

Welcome to Akralingua

The Greeks used to call Alicante “Akra Leuka”, this could be translated as"bright light", a geographical enclave in which the city of Alicante is located. Later the Romans named it "Lucentum" (the bright city).
In order to pay tribute to the origins of this privileged area, we decided to keep the Greek noun "Akra" in the commercial name of our Language Centre: Akralingua.
Nowadays, Akralingua is a well-known professional language school.
Since its opening in 1991, the Centre has been focused on the thoughtful selection of teachers, providing students with continuous educational support, and on the substantial improvement of its services and modernization of its equipment.
Akralingua belongs to the ACEICOVA(Association of Language Centres in the Community of Valencia).
This organization is also a member of the FECEI (Spanish Federation of Language Centres).
ACEICOVA and FECEI look after the professional code, the respect of current norms and the quality of teaching